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Date:      Wed, 24 Jul 2002 22:34:19 -0600
From:      "Samuel Chow" <>
To:        "Grant Cooper" <>
Cc:        <>
Subject:   Re: Watching users
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From: "Grant Cooper" <>
> You know what, as soon as you say your a newbie on this list your bound to
> be attacked. After advertising my domain I was flooded with anonymous ftp,
> telnet. This is a perfect place for BHH (Black Hat Hackers) to find
> to compromise and teach a lesson about security. How fun. :)
> P.S.    hehe, I was under the impression that SSH was suppose to be a
> shell. I will stick with the old FTP.

    If you are allowing anonymous ftp only, you are fine.
    Otherwise; your password is traveling the Internet
    in plaintext.  That probably is not what you want.

Samuel Chow

Segmentation Fault (core dumped)
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