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Date:      Thu, 4 May 95 15:01:07 EST
From:      M C Wong <>
To: (
Subject:   slip blue
Message-ID:  <>

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  Here is the situation:

  I am slip'ing into work place main server host, SERVER1. telnet,ftp,ping
etc into that host is fine. But when I try telnet over the slip link
into my work workstation in the same domain SERVER1, always get connection
time out. The same for any other service like ftp, www etc being the same.

  Both with /etc/hosts and DNS (specifying SERVER1 as one of the nameservers
in /etc/resolv.conf, as well specfying it as forwarder in named.boot)
are unsuccesful. Haven't tried WWW via proxy httpd on SERVER1, but presumably
will work.

SERVER1 Ethernet interface = server1.domain1
SERVER1 slip interface = server_slip.slipdomain
myworkstation = ws1.domain1 (at work)
freebsd at home slip = myslip.slipdomain. ( with IPFORWARD and GATEWAY
                                           options compiled in )

  default route set to both myslip.slipdomain and server_slip.slipdomain
(at different time of course) but with same failure to access beyond SERVER1.

hosts on domain1 is protected behind a firewall and as socks host, but
can't see that can affect those problems over slip connection.

  Any ideas ? Local admin guy doesn't know the problem.

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