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Date:      Mon, 19 Apr 1999 21:45:06 +0200
From:      Gary Jennejohn <>
To:        freebsd-isdn@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: new-bus changes break i4b 
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"Martin Husemann" writes:
>I'll have to add my usual nitpick:
>> It seems to be an error that next_isic_unit is NOT incremented in
>> layer1/i4b_isic_pnp.c.
>Actually, the idea of next_isic_unit is bogus by itself.
>Think of it: you have two boards at isa0, one at pci0, one at pci1 and one
>at isapnp0 or pcmcia1 - which board will get what unit number for what
>reason, and which will correspond with what index in the config file, and
>what happens when you remove a pcmia card?
>I promised to clean this up a long ago (as this cleanup will remove several
>gross hacks we needed for the NetBSD part to make a softc* <-> unit
>conversion), and I will actually do it. Hellmuth scared me with hard
>requirements what I should not break with such a cleanup (several things of
>which I can't actually test myself), so it has been delayed.

How true. In FreeBSD at least the pci cards will be found before everything
else. At least, with the old config. How this changes with the so called
new-config (just introduced into -current) I can't say, but the order of
discovery seems to be different now. What happens with PnP or pccard
controllers I can't say, since I do not have any.

At least in the existing FreeBSD framework I think my comment is valid.
And of course for older versions of FreeBSD even moreso.

Gary Jennejohn
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