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Date:      Sun, 05 Sep 1999 21:24:02 -0400
From:      John <papalia@UDel.Edu>
Subject:   RE: IE for FreeBSD
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Just my humble opinion, but inviting MS to start porting to the world of
free-unixes seems like you'd be inviting a thief into your living room...
personally I can't stand IE, but that's me :)

If having problems/dissatisfaction with netscape 4.61, why not compile a
lower version?  If I remember correctly, there are 4 or 5 different
versions available in the ports collection? 


>> I'd be interested in an IE for FreeBSD, I'm somewhat ashamed at the fact
>> that I do like their browser better than the NS counterparts on Windows,
>> but be it as it may...I do... :-)
>> Chris
>I agree with you.  I really hate using Netscape 4.61 on my Unix/Linux
>machines.  I find IE4 to be far more stable and user friendly.  I recommend
>avoiding IE5.
>However, I really don't want to see MS move into the BSD or Linux world.
>Perhaps a better solution might be to work with the Mozilla project and help
>them get their act together.  I think they finally fixed their licensing
>which originally turned many developers away.
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