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Date:      Sat, 10 Apr 2004 23:38:56 -0500
From:      "Kevin D. Kinsey, DaleCo, S.P." <>
To:        Jeff Coleman <>
Subject:   Re: Tracerouting
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Jeff Coleman wrote:

>I have a Dlink 614 + router I use on my network using roadrunner as my
>I am running 5.2 freebsd
>I installed the MTR package and it can resolve names when it runs
>Ping works fine, and using Links text browser I can access the net.
>Traceroute itself however will not resolve names of hops past the dlink

A post on this list, I think earlier today, talked about this.
The router probably doesn't pass the proper type of ICMP
packets back to you, but I can't say for sure ....

>Also. how does one rename or alias to programs that have been installed
>to make them easier to run?

Well, it's not usually necessary, because the program names
in 'Nix are notoriously short ("ls", "cp", "mv", "rm", "cat", etc).

However, for the current session, "alias myalias someprogram" will

For *every* session, you should put the aliases in your resource
file (.profile for sh/bash, .cshrc for csh/tcsh).

Several are already set up.  You can list the aliases
present in the current environment by using "alias"
with no arguments, but I'd recommend looking at the
stock .profile or .cshrc so you can learn a thing or two.

Note that I've set up, somewhat in jest, a set of
"Win User Aliases", a metasyntactic joke ;-) , and
some stuff for userland ppp.

<kadmin@archangel> [/etc] 

<kadmin@archangel> [/etc] 
% grep alias /root/.cshrc
alias h         history 25
alias j         jobs -l
alias ls        ls -FG
alias la        ls -a
alias lf        ls -FA
alias ll        ls -lAFG
alias mail      mutt
alias pico      nano
alias dir       ls
alias rm        rm -i
alias me        whoami
alias a:        "mount_msdosfs /dev/fd0 /floppy && cd /floppy && ls -l"
alias tm        /usr/local/textmaker5/textmaker/tm
alias up        ping -t2
alias dial      ppp -nat -background myisp
alias undial    "source /root/.cshrc && /bin/kill -9 `cat 
alias cls       clear
alias foo       echo "bar is the answer!"

>Thanks in advance from a newbie

You're welcome.  Welcome to FreeBSD!

Kevin Kinsey

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