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Date:      Wed, 11 Oct 95 10:34:53 +0100
From:      David Hedley <>
Subject:   Directories and the trailing slash
Message-ID:  <11167.813404093@kiha>

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This isn't really a bug report, just something I've noticed which annoys
me. The problem is that most (all?) commands when presented with a
directory followed by a '/' as an argument, all bomb out saying
'.... is a directory'.

e.g. assume 'test' is a directory

% mv test/ xyz
Error: test/ is a directory

(not the exact message it prints, but close enough - this is from memory)


% mv test xyz

works quite happily.

This isn't just a FreeBSD problem - I remember the same thing happening
with 386BSD 0.1 many years ago, but it doesn't happen on any other system I
use (including Linux, SunOS....). It's only annoying as `zsh', when doing
filename completion, automatically adds a trailing '/' to directory names
when TAB is pressed.

Is this correct behaviour? Can it be fixed?

 David Hedley (
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