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Date:      Tue, 1 Jul 1997 00:01:11 -0400 (EDT)
From:      Jeff Roberts <>
To:        FreeBSD questions list <questions@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   FBSD: Dial-out PPP only CONNECTs sometimes?
Message-ID:  <Pine.OS2.3.95.970630234807.26D-100000@warp4>

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Hello, everyone.

I've had about 50% success with my dial-out situation.  I've taken the
best suggestions from *Pedantic*, various FAQs, the Handbook, and feedback
from people on this list.  I've been using  
                        ppp -auto foo   
                        route add default

to connect to foo.  Sometimes it works without a hitch, and sometimes
(like the last couple of days), after connecting, the connection is
dropped after about 10 seconds.  However, I can still connect from Warp,
so I know it's not the remote host.  What about this ""?  Could
specifying *this* as the default route (my provider dynamically assigns my
IP address after connecting) be part of the problem.  Is there one that's
fail-safe?  I just took this, I think, from the Handbook.  I was under the
impression that the assigned IP address would overwrite the one I
specified, or something along those lines.  When I do PPP manually, I get
"dial OK" and then "switching to packet mode".  Then, the connection dies.

I'm dialing out of 2.2.1 on a USR Sportster (gasp!) 14400.  My machine 
is not connected to any network.  When it works,
it works great, BTW.  I evidentally just need to find a way to
consistently get an acceptable default route.  

Thanks for any suggestions/advice you can give me!  =)  I appreciate it.


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