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Date:      Mon, 14 Oct 2013 14:06:34 -0500
From:      Rick Romero <>
Subject:   NFS locks rpcbind port = 0 failed?   - try #2
Message-ID:  <>

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This is a continuation of "9.1 VM nfs3 & locks over VPN" - trying a
different angle maybe it'll jostle someones memory.

I now have a FreeBSD 9.2 VM at an offsite hosting company.  hostname
OpenVPN is installed on it, routed not bridged mode.
I have multiple OSs installed on local network. I'm already exportings NFS
off 9.1 with working locks.

export nfsv3 or nfsv4 from nl101vpn -  locks do not work.
export nfsv3 from any local system, mount on nl101vpn - locks work.
export nfsv3 from locally installed VM, mount on any local host or nl101vpn
- locks work.  No OpenVPN installed on it though.

I even ran a tcpdump to see if something was getting lost - both sides
match, nothing is getting dropped

nl101vpn - /var/log/messages:
Oct 14 12:21:01 nl101 kernel: NLM: failed to contact remote rpcbind, stat =
0, port = 0  (why port 0?)
Oct 14 12:23:02 nl101 last message repeated 109 times
Oct 14 12:25:48 nl101 last message repeated 177 times

So I haven't exhausted every combination, or completely 100% replicated
whats happening offsite, but it's getting pretty ridiculous now... I'm
lost, and I need locking.
Help :)

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