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Date:      Thu, 4 May 95 15:36:40 EST
From:      M C Wong <>
To: (Nate Williams)
Subject:   Re: slip blue
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <>; from "Nate Williams" at May 3, 95 11:16 pm

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> This comes up *very* often and should be in the FAQ if it isn't.  

Sure it should.

> Do the machines in the domain know to get to your SLIP box?  Are the
> routing tables setup to send packets to SERVER1 in order to get to your
> machine?

The only machine (as from the route table of SERVER1 and a couple of other
workstations on domain1) that knows how to get to me is SERVER1 itself. But,
there is no route entry from its slip interface to my FreeBSD interface
present after slip is up and running, nor is there any arp entry. Also, it
shares the same default gateway as for any other boxes on the same domain.

I was under the impression that, when slip process is enabled on SERVER1,
a route from SERVER1 slip interface to my FreeBSD slip will be added
automatically (as with ifconfig etc), but surprisingly that is not the

> This can be done a couple of ways.
> 1) You can create a permanent ARP entry in SERVER1 for your host, which
>    causes all network traffic to your box to be addressed to SERVER1,
>    which already knows how to get to you.
>    This way works if you will always connect to SERVER1 and your SLIP
>    address is in the same subnet as the machines you are connecting to.

  Yes, the reason of my original posting is that I do not have the right
to add arp or route to SERVER1 since the slip is not for permanent use, but
every user gets assigned 1 of 2 slip address. SERVER1 is a HP server running
ppl and for each users, his/her assigned slip address is in ppl.user file. 
I guess I should make the question much clearer that, is there any way of
getting SERVER1 to route traffics into my box without having to get the
admin people to do so ?

> 2) Create an route entry in SERVER1 to let all of the machines on that
>    network know that to get to your SLIP box you must route all of the
>    traffic to SERVER1.  This is the most 'dynamic' approach, but it
>    requires that all machines on the network be running routed or other
>    routing software.

  Beat me! I guess this is exactly the problem. I was assuming routed is
running on all boxes on that domain all the this time.

> > SERVER1 Ethernet interface = server1.domain1
> > SERVER1 slip interface = server_slip.slipdomain
> > myworkstation = ws1.domain1 (at work)
> > freebsd at home slip = myslip.slipdomain. ( with IPFORWARD and GATEWAY
> >                                            options compiled in )
> These aren't necessary if your slip machine doesn't have a network of
> machines it is connected to which need to use your SLIP connection as
> their connection to the world.

> >   Any ideas ? Local admin guy doesn't know the problem.
> Does the local admin guy have much experience with routers?

I guess so, but apparently he doesn't know about the proxy arp thing is
required to get other boxes to talk to my FreeBSD, 8-(.

> Nate

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