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Date:      Fri, 29 Dec 1995 01:42:41 +0000
Subject:   Installing from dos part or CD
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I am currently trying to install freeBSD on my D: drive which is a 
1.62 gig hard drive.  I have an unsupported CD rom, it is a 6x 
Wearnes CD rom drive that came with my Gateway 2000.  I am trying to 
install freebsd 2.0.5 from the June 1995 Walnut Creek CD set.

Since I am unable to load from the CD I followed the instructions to 
install from a dos partition.
I xcopied the files from e:\dist\bin to my c:\freebsd.  I actually 
copied the whole dist's to my C: drive because I have enough free 
space on C:.  I then proceeded to copy the floppies directory and I 
also made a bootable floppy.  When I ran the install program and said 
the media type was from dos partition, it would create my new 
partitions but it could not find the boot mirror from the dos 
partition or from the floppy I had made.
I thought maybe it was looking on the d: drive to install to, so I 
made a small dos partition on the D: and followed the instructions 
this time and copied just the basic /dist/bin to that drive.  Same 
thing occurred, couldn't find the boot mirror from the floppy or from 
the dos parition.
Any suggestions?  I have been playing with this for 2 days.  I tried 
to install Linux on the hard drive too, but it wouldn't work because 
my cd-rom is unsupported.  So I am the closest with Freebsd, and it 
actually is my preference, but right now I will take anything that 
Thanks again,
Mitch Harhay
Access Nevada, Inc.

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