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Date:      Tue, 11 Nov 2014 12:50:22 +0200
From:      Coert <>
To:        freeBSD <>
Subject:   cannot NFS export a unionfs
Message-ID:  <3727855.78qJKTEYcZ@penguin>

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Hello all!

My server has three disks, and for ease of backup also 3 seperate filesystems.
In the past, (when it still ran Linux,) I union mounted those 3 filesystems on 
a seperate mount point, and exported that via NFS.

I am trying to do the same now on FreeBSD 10.0, and the union mount works on 
the local machine, but if I try to NFS export it, I get an error:
unionfs does not support mount update. 
(something along those lines, sorry I am not in front of the box right now)

I have googled all over the place, so far with no luck.

Could anyone give me some pointers?
Should I use FUSE union instead?
Should I use something other than unionfs?

Kind regards,

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