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Date:      Tue, 1 Oct 96 08:13:21 CDT
From: (Michael Nix)
Subject:   FreeBSD 2.1.5 install: Fixed
Message-ID:  <>

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     I have posted a few messages to the net about my problems 
     instaling FreeBSD 2.1.5.  Well, I finally got it to wrok!

     Installation from CD-ROM would not work.
     Installation from a DOS partition would not work.
     A partial installation from floppies worked well.

     I got the CD-ROM installation to work by changing the location
     of the SCSI controller on the mother-board.  The 2940 came from
     the store in location 'pci014' (Third from the top).  When I
     moved it to location 'pci012' (Top slot), all my CRC errors,
     checksum errors, and premature end-of-file errors went away.

     The details of my hardware are:

          AMD 486-133MHz PCI-bus mother-board from Elpina.
          Adaptec 2940 SCSI controller.
          1.2GB Seagate (Hawk) SCSI disk-drive for FreeBSD.
          2.1GB Hewlett-Packard SCSI disk-drive for DOS.
          Plextor 4X SCSI CD-ROM drive.
          Stealth Video-card.
          33600 Baud internal modem from Zoltrix.
          Creative Technologies Sound-Blaster-16 card.
          Gravis game-port card.

     Another thing that I noticed about my hardware as it was delivered
     to me is that both hard-drives had the terminator-enable jumper in
     place.  The CD-ROM drive had termination-resitors installed also.
     Since the CD-ROM drive was last on the cable, it should be the
     only device with termination, so I disabled the termination on
     both hard-drives.

     By the way; the original harware configuration never gave me
     any trouble in any DOS applications.

     I hope that this is of some help to those that are tring to
     install FreeBSD and keep getting read-errors.

                                              Michael Nix
                                              AMD, Austin
                                              October 1, 1996  8:09 a. m.

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