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Date:      Mon, 26 Nov 2012 07:42:22 +0000
From:      Matthew Seaman <>
To:        emmanuel ilunga <>
Subject:   Re: error message
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On 26/11/2012 05:44, emmanuel ilunga wrote:
> By ignorance, I named the host: "" (just following =
> I saw.)

This is wrong -- is a special purpose domain-name reserved
for documentation.  You need to choose yourself a proper domain name or
use whatever your ISP provides.  However, it has no bearing on the other
problem you cite:

> Every time I reboot, I get: machine0# Nov26 04:37:03 machine0
> ntpd_initrest[2008]:host name not found:
> I get this error, unless I enter my login info; and after I had entered=
> login info, if I don't do anything else right away, this error message
> comes back.
> And the time is wrong too.
> Also, I received 4 installer discs: 2 installers and 2 important packag=
> (2 for amd64 and 2 for i386), how do I read the appropriate Important
> Packages disc in?

What's happening here is that ntpd is trying to lookup in the DNS, and failing.  This implies that DNS is
not working at all for any of the applications on your system: ntpd is
just the most vocal about complaining (and it will keep retrying and
complaining for a long time).

Examine the contents of /etc/resolv.conf and check that you can lookup
names in the DNS using host(1) or dig(1).  Fix that if it doesn't work
and try again.  If it does work, then maybe there's a problem with
routing or your resolv.conf being dynamically generated during the boot
sequence: such things can be fixed, but we'd need to know a lot more
about the particulars of your systems in order to provide correct advice.=



Dr Matthew J Seaman MA, D.Phil.

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