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Date:      Thu, 26 Dec 2013 13:39:02 +0100
From:      Matthias Fechner <>
Subject:   Convert existing ZFS structure to beadm required structure
Message-ID:  <>

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Dear all,

I have a normal ZFS boot system, like it was described some years ago in
the freebsd wiki.
I rebuild now an equal system in a virtual environment to test the new
tool beadm.
My current system looks like:
zfs list:
NAME                        USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
zroot                      1.34G  1.60G   345M  legacy
zroot/tmp                    58K  1.60G    37K  /tmp
zroot/usr                   939M  1.60G   306M  /usr
zroot/usr/home             57.5K  1.60G  38.5K  /usr/home
zroot/usr/local             630K  1.60G   606K  /usr/local
zroot/usr/ports             283M  1.60G   283M  /usr/ports
zroot/usr/ports/distfiles  63.5K  1.60G  45.5K  /usr/ports/distfiles
zroot/usr/ports/packages     81K  1.60G  46.5K  /usr/ports/packages
zroot/usr/src               348M  1.60G   348M  /usr/src
zroot/var                  86.8M  1.60G   126K  /var
zroot/var/crash            31.5K  1.60G  31.5K  /var/crash
zroot/var/db               86.4M  1.60G  86.3M  /var/db
zroot/var/db/pkg             57K  1.60G    38K  /var/db/pkg
zroot/var/empty              31K  1.60G    31K  /var/empty
zroot/var/log               100K  1.60G  58.5K  /var/log
zroot/var/mail               31K  1.60G    31K  /var/mail
zroot/var/run                73K  1.60G  50.5K  /var/run
zroot/var/tmp                52K  1.60G    32K  /var/tmp

It has the partitions:
gpart show
=>     34  8388541  ada0  GPT  (4.0G)
       34        6        - free -  (3.0k)
       40      128     1  freebsd-boot  (64k)
      168  2097152     2  freebsd-swap  (1.0G)
  2097320  6291248     3  freebsd-zfs  (3G)
  8388568        7        - free -  (3.5k)

=>     34  8388541  ada1  GPT  (4.0G)
       34        6        - free -  (3.0k)
       40      128     1  freebsd-boot  (64k)
      168  2097152     2  freebsd-swap  (1.0G)
  2097320  6291248     3  freebsd-zfs  (3G)
  8388568        7        - free -  (3.5k)

The pool looks like:
# zpool status
  pool: zroot
 state: ONLINE
 scan: resilvered 1.28G in 0h1m with 0 errors on Thu Dec 26 12:05:59 2013

	zroot          ONLINE       0     0     0
	  mirror-0     ONLINE       0     0     0
	    gpt/disk0  ONLINE       0     0     0
	    gpt/disk1  ONLINE       0     0     0

errors: No known data errors

I tried now to get my zfs system to a structure beadm is requiring:
zfs create -o mountpoint=none zroot/ROOT
zfs snapshot -r zroot@be
zfs clone zroot@be zroot/ROOT/default

But if I execute now beadm, I always get the error message:
ERROR: This system is not configured for boot environments

Has maybe anyone an idea why?

Thanks a lot.


"Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to
build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the universe trying to
produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the universe is winning." --
Rich Cook

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