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Date:      Thu, 17 Feb 2005 11:15:02 -0800
From:      "Robert Kim, EVDO-Coverage, Verizon Agent" <>
To:        "'Peter Risdon'" <>
Cc:        'List Free Bsd' <>
Subject:   RE: FreeBSD Mail Server
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Peter... This is great....

I realize that this email is online.. But the pipermail is impossible to
search... Where else can I find this kind of detailed info online??=20

Robert Kim,=20
Wireless Internet Wifi Hotspot Advisor
2611 S Pacific Coast Highway 101
Cardiff by the Sea CA 92007 : 206 984 0880

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[] On Behalf Of Peter Risdon
Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2005 11:09 AM
Subject: Re: FreeBSD Mail Server

On Thu, 2005-02-17 at 10:48 -0800, Joshua Lewis wrote:
> Do I need to have a *_enable=3D"YES" line in my rc.conf in order to=20
> start my courier-imap-pop3 and courier-imap-imap servers? Or do I have

> to enable inetd?

Yup. The full set, if you include the secure versions too is:

courier_imap_imapd_enable=3D"YES" courier_imap_pop3d_ssl_enable=3D"YES"

It's worth reading /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ for any port you install.
inetd is not the right way to start these ports.

Then to start them up without a reboot, do=20

/usr/local/etc/rc.d/ start

But you do need the rc.conf entries first.

> I have been pulling my hair out for weeks trying to setup my first=20
> mail server using how toos from and
> I have tried to look in /var/log for any log files that could indicate

> why I can not pick up mail. But I don't see any log files at all so I=20
> suspect they are not running. The server accepts mail fine I just=20
> can't pick it up. I don=FFt know if it matters but I am trying to =
> virtual domains with no local system accounts.

How? You might also need:

in /etc/rc.conf

> Including the domain of the computer it=FFs
> self. Does that affect anything? Again I can accept e-mail fine so I=20
> don=FFt expect it does.
> I can't figure out if courier is running. I recall a command like "ps=20
> -aw
> |grep imap" but I don't think I am using the correct switches because=20
> |I am
> not getting what I am expecting.

$ ps xa | grep courier
19223  p2  S+     0:00.00 grep courier
  526 con  I      0:00.00 /usr/local/sbin/courierlogger
-pid=3D/usr/local/var/spool/authdaemon/pid -st
  527 con  I      0:00.06 /usr/local/libexec/courier-authlib/authdaemond
  535 con  I      0:00.03 /usr/local/libexec/courier-authlib/authdaemond
  536 con  I      0:00.03 /usr/local/libexec/courier-authlib/authdaemond
  537 con  I      0:00.03 /usr/local/libexec/courier-authlib/authdaemond
  538 con  I      0:00.02 /usr/local/libexec/courier-authlib/authdaemond
  539 con  I      0:00.03 /usr/local/libexec/courier-authlib/authdaemond
  548 con  I      0:00.01 [couriertcpd]
  552 con  I      0:00.00 /usr/local/sbin/courierlogger imapd-ssl
  561 con  I      0:00.01 [couriertcpd]
  565 con  I      0:00.00 /usr/local/sbin/courierlogger imapd
  573 con  I      0:00.01 [couriertcpd]
  576 con  I      0:00.00 /usr/local/sbin/courierlogger pop3d-ssl
  585 con  I      0:00.01 [couriertcpd]
  588 con  I      0:00.00 /usr/local/sbin/courierlogger pop3d

Also try

#telnet localhost 110

and so on for all the pop3 and imap ports. If courier is running, you'll
get something like:

#telnet localhost 110
Trying ::1...
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
+OK Hello there.

Telnetting to the port is good because you can then talk pop/imap and
diagnose any other probs.


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