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Date:      Tue, 15 Jul 1997 00:59:50 +0200 (MET DST)
From:      Wolfgang Helbig <helbig@MX.BA-Stuttgart.De>
To: (TS Tsang)
Cc:, freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: no adduser cmd (2.1)
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <33ca9ac1.517307609@mail> from TS Tsang at "Jul 14, 97 09:34:27 pm"

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> I can now find the adduser command, but when I execute it, it will
> report the following error messages. Both happen for interactive mode
> as well as batch mode. Anyway I can use it correctly?

How did you `execute' it?
It looks like you entered something like

sh adduser

on the command line. This won't work, since adduser is *not* a
shell script but a perl script. At least this is what ``file
/usr/sbin/adduser'' says. So just enter


on the command line and the perl interpreter will be called
automatically by the kernel.

Make sure you *have* perl installed on your system. The interpreter
lives in /usr/bin/perl. To find out enter `which perl'.

If this does not help, feel free to ask again.


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