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Date:      Mon, 9 Jul 2007 15:18:17 +0000
From:      Matt Bostock <>
To:        Colin Percival <>
Subject:   Re: Crypto missing after FreeBSD-Update to 6.2-RELEASE
Message-ID:  <225d89ce25380b48deb579e3e6f6ce2a@localhost>
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Hi Colin,

Thanks for your reply.

> What makes you think that the crypto code is missing?

When I try to install www/apache20 from ports, I get this error:

Dependency error: this port requires the OpenSSL library, which is part of
the FreeBSD crypto distribution but not installed on your
machine. Please see the "OpenSSL" section in the handbook
(at "", for instance)
for instructions on how to obtain and install the FreeBSD
OpenSSL distribution.
*** Error code 1

I presume that since OpenSSL isn't installed, the crypto dist would be missing too? What's the best way to verify that?

> I removed the IDS option because I didn't think anyone used it.  Since
> then I
> have heard from lots of people who used it, so I'm going to add the IDS
> option
> back soon. :-)

Great news :-) 

Many thanks for your help,

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