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Date:      Thu, 9 Mar 1995 10:45:41 -0600 (CST)
From: (Boyd Faulkner)
To: (Protius)
Subject:   Re: sound woes
Message-ID:  <9503091645.AA16577@olympus>
In-Reply-To: <> from "Protius" at Mar 9, 95 02:40:51 am

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> I have a GUS 3.4 with 1 meg of ram which is very unhappy.  I am
> running FreeBSD SNAP 950210 on an AMD486/40 with 8 megs of ram,
> an IDE harddrive, a #9GXE 64 pro video board, a WD8013 ethernet
> card, and a GUS.
> At first, it would play .au files, but thats it.  Changing the sample
> speed would fail, usualy handing the process.  Playing mod files with
> gmod would also fail partialy.  Some samples would be turned into
> pinging noises.  Recording always fails, usualy sampling TOO slow,
> if it works at all.

I have a 512K gus with a different video card and scsi drives but otherwise
match your configuration.  I rebuilt current last night and could play
au files.  If I initialized the card with DOS, the volume was even loud.
I tried the ultrasnd whatnow3.mod and it sounded great but there where
"computer pops and cracks" interspersed with the music.  Volume control

Tried playmidi but got a sequencer error.  Must not be built right for that.

On the whole, the driver works must better for me than ever but not perfect.

The new xanim with sound even worked on the build prior, but I haven't
tried it on this build.

There is hope for the future.


 Boyd Faulkner                         

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