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Date:      Mon, 12 Jun 2017 13:01:26 +0000
Subject:   [Bug 201796] Mk/ Set PostgreSQL 9.5 as default
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--- Comment #35 from Torsten Zuehlsdorff <> ---
Thanks, mat.

I had the same thoughts. Also the update is invalidated with the next
PostgreSQL release, since it contains version numbers.

You're right regarding postgis or other services (while i intended to inclu=
-pl* etc with the '*' right behind database/postgresql - obviously not too

I widened the AFFECTS, but now it has two lines - i'm not sure if this will
cause problems?

We can replace the "pkg fetch dance" with a pure "pkg create dance", since =
should always work. But even portmaster/portupgrade user should be able to =
pkg fetch without having trouble with existing software.=20

I'm going to rewrite it to "pkg create" which should be more clear. Also i'm
going to add an hint regarding the version number in the package.

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