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Date:      Sun, 7 Mar 2021 07:51:39 -0500
From:      "Jerry" <>
To:        "FreeBSD" <>
Subject:   Problem updating "py37-cryptography" and "py37-openssl" with poudriere
Message-ID:  <011901d71350$9df21b40$d9d651c0$>

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FreeBSD 11.4-RELEASE-p8

The following command elicits the corresponding output:

 /usr/sbin/pkg version -vL=
py37-cryptography-3.3.2            >   succeeds index (index has 2.9.2)
py37-openssl-20.0.1                <   needs updating (index has 19.1.0,1)

The problem is that when I run poudriere, it refuses to update these files.
It thinks these files are up-to-date. I cannot find anything in the log
files to explain this abnormality. The problem probably stems from this: 

py37-cryptography-3.3.2            >   succeeds index (index has 2.9.2)

I captured the output of pourdriere and extracted this:

[00:00:04] security/py-acme depends on security/py-cryptography@py37
[00:00:04] security/py-certbot depends on security/py-cryptography@py37
[00:00:05] net/py-urllib3 depends on security/py-cryptography@py37
[00:00:05] security/py-josepy depends on security/py-cryptography@py37
[00:00:05] security/py-cryptography depends on devel/ccache
[00:00:05] security/py-cryptography depends on devel/py-cffi@py37
[00:00:05] security/py-cryptography depends on devel/py-setuptools@py37
[00:00:05] security/py-cryptography depends on devel/py-six@py37
[00:00:05] security/py-cryptography depends on lang/python37
[00:00:05] security/py-cryptography depends on ports-mgmt/pkg
[00:00:05] security/py-cryptography depends on security/openssl
[00:00:05] security/py-openssl depends on security/py-cryptography@py37

[00:00:04] security/py-acme depends on security/py-openssl@py37
[00:00:04] security/py-certbot depends on security/py-openssl@py37
[00:00:05] net/py-urllib3 depends on security/py-openssl@py37
[00:00:05] security/py-josepy depends on security/py-openssl@py37
[00:00:05] security/py-openssl depends on devel/ccache
[00:00:05] security/py-openssl depends on devel/py-setuptools@py37
[00:00:05] security/py-openssl depends on devel/py-six@py37
[00:00:05] security/py-openssl depends on lang/python37
[00:00:05] security/py-openssl depends on ports-mgmt/pkg
[00:00:05] security/py-openssl depends on security/py-cryptography@py37

My time is minimal right now, so If anyone knows what is happening here, I
would appreciate it.



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