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Date:      Wed, 3 May 1995 23:44:09 -0600
From:      Nate Williams <>
To:        M C Wong <>
Cc: (Nate Williams),
Subject:   Re: slip blue
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> I was under the impression that, when slip process is enabled on SERVER1,
> a route from SERVER1 slip interface to my FreeBSD slip will be added
> automatically (as with ifconfig etc), but surprisingly that is not the
> case. 

With PPP it is the case, but not with slip.

> I guess I should make the question much clearer that, is there any way of
> getting SERVER1 to route traffics into my box without having to get the
> admin people to do so ?

Does the SERVER1 box run routed, and will it accept routing information
from the boxes connecting to it?

> > 2) Create an route entry in SERVER1 to let all of the machines on that
> >    network know that to get to your SLIP box you must route all of the
> >    traffic to SERVER1.  This is the most 'dynamic' approach, but it
> >    requires that all machines on the network be running routed or other
> >    routing software.
>   Beat me! I guess this is exactly the problem. I was assuming routed is
> running on all boxes on that domain all the this time.

Not necessarily, some networks prefer static routing as it keeps things
from ever going wrong.  For networks that don't change much but are
overloaded it also keeps down traffic.


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