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Date:      Fri, 22 Jul 2011 12:33:54 +0200
From:      Matthias Andree <>
Subject:   Re: FreeBSD Port: bnc-2.9.4
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Am 22.07.2011 11:56, schrieb ET-SR:
> Freebsd 8.2 64 bit o/s
> Bnc2.9.4 compiles and runs - crashes (cores) on connect.  Logs don't show
> anything.
> Is there a patch for freebsd 8.2 64 bit o/s?
> If not would you like the core file?

The core file isn't useful because it's somewhat system-specific.

That would be useful BUT by default port corefiles aren't helpful
because most ports remove the debug information.

1. reinstall bnc from ports, adding WITH_DEBUG=yes:

   cd /usr/ports/*/bnc
   make WITH_DEBUG=yes all deinstall install clean

   You could alternatively use: portmaster -m WITH_DEBUG=yes irc/bnc
   (if you've got portmaster installed)

2. run it so that it creates a fresh .core file

3. obtain a backtrace:

   script backtrace gdb /usr/local/bin/bnc /path/to/bnc.core

   inside gdb, type:

   bt full

4. check if the bt contains variable and function names or just hex
   numbers (numbers containing letters a - f) and possibly starting
   with 0x.  If it's only numbers, go to step 7.  Else continue with 5.

5. review the new backtrace file if it contains sensitive information
   (passwords or other) and if yes, make it up in an obvious way, such
   as overtyping XX or 99 for letters/digits.

6. send the edited backtrace file to the maintainer,; be sure
   to include irc/bnc early in the subject.

   ONLY file a PR with the backtrace if you're confident there is no
   sensitive information in it.  Omit step 7.

7. If the "bt" output did not contain function and variable names,
   that is a bug per se, but the core file and results aren't helpful
   for debugging, so just file that as a bug report together with the
   crash with send-pr (similar to step 6, add irc/bnc up front in the
   Subject or Synopsys line).

It's a bit of an effort but else the maintainer won't get the necessary

Thanks a bunch!

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