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Date:      Wed, 08 Feb 1995 19:16:39 -0700
From: (Emmett Price)
Subject:   install problem
Message-ID:  <>

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I am attempting to install FreeBSD 2.0 for the first time from a CD.  I have 
an older 386 (generic) with a 406MB WD caviar which is disk 0 (master) and 
is entirely devoted to DOS.  I purchased an 850MB WD caviar to use entirely 
for BSD.  It is the secondary (slave) on the IDE controller.  My BIOS and 
controller won't support the 850, but I was able to enter the correct 
geometry in the BIOS.

When I go through the install, everything appears to work fine.  The BSD 
boot from the floppy finds both disks with the correct geometry.  I am able 
to write the MBR, do the FDISK on the second drive and do the disklabel 
functions correctly.

When I remove the floppy to proceed, the system reboots, I get a choice of 
F1 for DOS or F5 for the second disk.  I choose F5 which gives me the choice 
of F1 for FreeBSD or F5 for the first disk.  I choose F1 and get the boot 
prompt.  I enter hd(1,a)/kernel per the instructions from the 
troubleshooting read me file.  the system boots and then "panics" out unable 
to mount the root filesystem.

If I reboot from the floppy and run the install program again, the disklabel 
show the disk slices are still correct, but all assignment info is gone.  I 
tried reassigning the slices, writing the disklabel (successfully), entering 
quit, then reentering the disklabel function and doing a reread.  This also 
shows the assignments are gone.  I can hear the disk being written whenever 
I write the disklabel.

Can this be a result of 1) no dos partion on the drive,  2) must I upgrade 
the controller for freebsd, 3) ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.....thanks

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