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Date:      Tue, 19 May 2020 03:08:19 +0000
From:      Dan Kotowski <>
To:        "" <>
Cc:        John-Mark Gurney <>, "" <>
Subject:   Re: FreeBSD on Layerscape/QorIQ LX2160X
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> > > You still should do kern.cfg.order=3Dacpi, is it on?
> >
> > Weirdly when I set that it hangs and drops into the mountroot> shell ag=
ain, while leaving it unset
> > lets me boot into the installer.
> >
> Okay, so now you have PCIe but not USB.
> (You're reading the log, right? Not weird to see mountroot if you haven't=
 seen USB in the log.)

Sure am.

> Actually SATA is supposed to work too, it's odd that you're not seeing AH=
> (I was being stupid when I said they have custom SATA, lol)
> Also, there's generic PNP0D40 for SDHCI, but we don't recognize that. we =
> Make sure your firmware is up to date, is your edk2-platforms
> exactly the same as master-lx2160a branch on github currently?
> Specifically make sure these changes are in:

Okay, moved edk2-platforms forward to commit d33742f303bdf335c3bb0203d7c273=

> Test on that linked build if the log was from your build, and vice versa.
> Here's a kernel that should also recognize SDHCI (eMMC?),
> with the amdgpu driver as a bonus :)

Booted with the updated UEFI and kernel+modules, new dmesg.boot here: https=

It looks like there's a handful of new things there, but unfortunately I st=
ill only see da0, which is the installer-imaged sdcard. Any ideas why the e=
MMC block device isn't showing up?

And I'll pull some drives off my shelves tomorrow to verify the SATA ports.

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