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Date:      Tue, 6 Aug 2013 16:25:02 +0200
From:      TrafficCaptain <>
Subject:   Our New Genre AdManagers for Action | Casual | Sport | International | Mobile
Message-ID:  <bbd2836941758427d57e71d69422a871@vs03.adrom.lan>

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                 TrafficCaptain - Games Performance Network

   TrafficCaptain - Games Performance Network
   Our New Mobile Offers

   Dear Partner,
   NEW: More Genre AdManagers specific for your website visitors taste!
   Increase your revenue with higher conversion rates and satisfied
   visitors that return to your website.
   Choose from 5 different AdManagers that address different types of
   visitors and gamers:

     Sports-Games AdManager

     Mobile-Games AdManager

     Action-Games AdManager

     Casual-Games AdManager

     International Games AdManager
   The GenreAdMananger automatically optimizes the display of the best
   converting offers - in the language of your incoming traffic. Depending
   on the user's country the local banner version will be displayed - for
   higher conversion and revenue opportunities!
   And: It is as easy as integrating a banner!
   Best regards,
   TrafficCaptain Team



                              [1]Action AdManager

     [2]Action AdManager
     Your website attracts people which have thirst for action and likes to
     be a hero - you have to have this AdManager. Entertain your visitors
     with games such as:
     Warthunder, AION or League of Legends


                              [3]Casual AdManager

     [4]Casual AdManager
     If the visitors of your website just like playing games to relax and
     distract themselves - this is the right AdManager for you. Especially
     the female audience will love it. It offers very popular casual games
     such as:
     Asterix and Friends, Anno Online or Travian


                              [5]Sports AdManager

     [6]Sports AdManager
     Any guy will love this, as he can find a selection of cool sport
     related games, such as:
     Goal United, Shot Online or Online Football Manager.


                           [7]International AdManager

     [8]International AdManager
     Visitors on your website from around the world? You still want to offer
     them games which work in the country and language they come from! This
     AdManager automatically displays the right game in the right language
     based on their location.
     Mech Worrier, Rail Nation or Gronenland


                              [9]Mobile AdManager

     [10]Mobile AdManager
     Mobile Games are so popular and everybody would love to find the
     coolest mobile game to have fun on the road, at the beach or anyway
     else away from the desk! Choose this AdManger to monetize mobile
     traffic on your page with our Mobile Bridge (usually about 20% of your
     visitors use mobile devices). oIt's a great tool if you have a mobile
     version of your website or would like to offer in app ads.
     Your visitors will find mobile games such as:
     Candy Crush Saga, GI Joe or Game of War

     [11]Click here to apply for the offer

   The Genre AdManager

                      With one single link you get our top game offers.

     Increase your revenue without doing anything - the optimization for
   best performing and converting offers is fully automated! The banner
   with the highest impressions will be displayed.

     Depending on the user's country the local banner version will be
   displayed - for higher conversion and revenue opportunities!

     Increased diversity for your user: Revisiting users will see new
   offers - resulting in increased conversion opportunities - and again:
   more money for you!

     As soon as we get new hot offers, you have them automatically as
   well. (Just let us know if you don't want to)
   You can focus your time on your core business while your revenue will
   increase - there is no need to change your offers all the time.
   Start now using the TrafficCaptain Genre AdManager and benefit from the
   best converting offers!

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