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Date:      Tue, 15 Jul 1997 09:47:58 +1000
From:      Alastair Rankine <>
To:        Michael Duran <>
Subject:   Re: true PAP and iijppp
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>Using Windows 95 and Windows NT's DUN/RAS I can connect to it perfectly
>every time and it authenticates as it is supposed to.  I cannot, however
>get iijppp to work AT ALL with it.  I've tried manually, I've tried
>everything.  Here is my current entry for the PAP dialup in /etc/ppp/ppp.conf
> set line /dev/cuaa0
> set speed 57600
> set phone 2812287908
> set timeout 1200
> set ifaddr
> set redial 5 5
> disable lqr
> deny lqr
> enable pap
> disable chap
> set authname MyUsername
> set authkey MyPassword
> set openmode active

Hi Michael,

By coincidence my ISP switched over to PAP for all it's logins and I had to
wrestle with this problem myself last night.

If I remember correctly, the trick is to use "accept pap" instead of
"enable pap". (Presumably a corresponding "deny chap" statement is also

Hope this helps.

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