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Date:      Sun, 02 Oct 2005 23:08:22 -0500
From:      Kevin Kinsey <>
To:        amcinroy <>
Subject:   Re: Accessing Apache
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amcinroy wrote:

>Dear support, I am trying to setup intrusion detection with snort, acid,
>mysql and freebsd. I am using as a guide Hack #59 from Dru Lavigne's BSD
>Hacks book. Everything is installed and working up to the point where I try
>to access my webpage. When I type in http://localhost/snort/acid_main.php I
>receive the message: an error occurred while loading the page. Could not
>connect to localhost. I think it is a user or password related error and
>have tried adding users to the mysql database with no success. Any help for
>this newb would be much appreciated.
>Alan McInroy

Hi, Alan!

This isn't "support", per se --- it's a mailing list.  But, it's the
primary option ;-)

Are you sure Apache is running?  Sorry for what may seem
like a dumb question, but the error message you quote is
exactly what you see, on many browsers, when httpd is not

To check is Apache is running, try:

$ps -aux | grep httpd

You should see multiple lines (Maybe 4, 5, or more) that
show an "httpd" process is listening.

Another way to go about this would be to run `netstat -anf inet`,
and looking for a entry mentioning port 80 and "LISTEN".

If you can verify that Apache is indeed running, then I might
test resolution of the "localhost" name.  But, it's much more
likely that you can resolve "localhost" fine, but Apache isn't
listening on port 80.


Kevin Kinsey

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