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Date:      Thu, 9 Feb 1995 09:18:52 +0100
From: (Jan_Guldemond)
Subject:   SLIP connection
Message-ID:  <>

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I use the 2-2-95 snap from FreeBSD and I have the following problem: I can't 
get a SLIP connection. Here's the situation:

* I have installed kermit (and the compat1x distr.)
* We have a class c internet-adress:
* The data about our InterNet provider:
* I have edited the /etc/hosts file:            localhost slip-gateway
* I've also tried to replace the last line with:         slip-gateway
  but this doesn't help
* I put 'hosts' before 'bind' in my /etc/host.conf:
* I have added to /etc/netstart:
  ifconfig sl0 inet $hostname $gateway netmask 0xffffff00
  route add default $gateway
* I've made a file /etc/resolv.conf
* I've edited the file /etc/myname:
* I have created a symbolic link:
  ln /dev/cuaa1 /dev/modem
* I've executed kermit:
  set modem hayes
  set line /dev/modem
  define slip dial 020-6658599, input 10 Please login:, if failure stop, -
  output Sjcnnl\x0d, input 10 Password:, if failure stop, -
  output <pwd>\x0d, echo \x0aCONNECTED\x0a
* When I execute the scrip <slip> I can see kermit dialing in and logging 
in. I get the message CONNECTED, that looks fine to me
* I suspens kermit via 'z'
* I execute:
  slattach -h -c -s 9600 /dev/modem
* I execute:
  ping (my InterNet provider)
* I get:
  PING ( 56 data bytes
* AND.... nothing happens

* When I try 'ifconfig sl0', I get:
  sl0: flags=9011<UP,POINTOPOINT,LINK0,MULTICAST> mtu 552
          inet --> netmask 0xffffff00
* When I try 'netstat -r', I get:
  Routing tables

  Destination     Gateway        Flags   Refs   Use   Netif Expire
  default         host           UGSc      0     88      sl0
  localhost       localhost      UH        0      0      lo0
* After waiting about 60 seconds it continues:
  193.78.175      link#1         UC        0      0      ed0  -391
  host            host           UH        2      0      sl0
* After another 30 seconds or so:   8:0:0:19:52:72 UHLW      0     11      ed0   870
* After another 30 secs or so:
  224             link#1         UCS       0      0      ed0  -541
* And 'netstat' ends

Who can help me.....

BTW When I try PING over our local network it does work. The respones com in 
3-4 ms.

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