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Date:      Thu, 20 Apr 95 18:16:52 EDT
From: (Jeff Anuszczyk)
Subject:   Questions/problems installing 950412 SNAP
Message-ID:  <>

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Anyone have any ideas on how I should proceed?  I'm pretty sure it's not
a corrupted disk or anything (I gunzip'd and untar'd it all without a
problem).  Hmmm, recent discussion about the ep0 driver indicates 
failure to probe at 0x300.  That's where my SMC card is located... do
you think that could have anything to do with it?

Any help or suggestions would be creately appreciated.

- Jeff

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>From jeffa Tue Apr 18 22:28:11 1995
From: jeffa (Jeff Anuszczyk)
Subject: Questions/problems installing 950412 SNAP
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 95 22:28:05 EDT
Cc: jeffa (Jeff Anuszczyk)

Hi All,
   I finally finished downloading the latest SNAP and started to install
it.  First I made the install disks using dd.  Then I booted the floppies
and did a "normal" install.  About the only things to note are: two SCSI
disks (entire disk is used), the primary disk uses all partitions (a,e,f,
g,h) for filesystems plus b for swap.  I then had a devil of a time booting
from the main system disk (recently running 2.0R).  I needed to rewrite
the boot block a bunch of times before it finally "took".  When it failed
the system was just booting (the primary booter is loading /kernel).  The
first 3 of the spining bars printed and then nothing.

   In any case, I got around this and the system started to boot.  At this
point the system is probed and promptly crashes with a fatal trap 12.  I
rebooted and select -c to look at what it was probing.  This is were 
things started to get weird.  It turns out that there are four entries
marked enabled but has device names of zero/one as follows:

	Device	Port	irq  drq   iomem   iosize   unit   flags   enabled
	fdc0	0x3f0	6    2     0x0     0        0      0x0     Yes
	 .        .     .
	aha0    0x330   -1   5     0x0     0        0      0x0     Yes
	aic0    0x340   11   -1    0x0     0        0      0x0     Yes
	0       0x1f88  10   -1    0x0     0        0      0x0     Yes
	1       0x350   5    -1    0x0     0        1      0x0     Yes
	sea0    0x0     5    -1    0xc8000 8192     0      0x0     Yes
	 .        .     .
	ze0	0x300   10   -1    0xd8000 0        0      0x0     Yes
	zp0	0x300   10   -1    0xd8000 0        0      0x0     Yes
	0	0xffffffff -1 -1   0x0     0        0      0x0     Yes
	0	0xf0    13   -1    0x0     0        0      0x0     Yes

I've edited some of the less than important stuff.  The problem started
immediately after the probe of aic0.  The system got the fatal trap 12
and halted.  I did a "disable 0" & "disable 1" and the system would now
continue to just after the probe of zp0 when it then traped out again.
The problem is I can't disable these additional "0" devices since the
assumption of the code is a device name is unique.  Any suggestions?

In case anyone is curious, here is the trap.  I suspect you won't need
it... but better safe than sorry.  This is with all devices enabled:

	st0(aha0:6:0): Sequential-Access density code 0x8c, drive empty
	aic0 not found at 0x340

	Fatal Trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode
	fault virtual address   = 0x431f4a30
	fault code              = supervisor read, page not present
	instruction pointer     = 0x8:0xf01c69a4
	code segment            = base 0x0, limit 0xfffff, type 0x1b
				= DPL 0, pres 1, def32 1, gran 1
	processor eflags	= interrupt enabled, resume, IOPL = 0
	current process		= 0 ()
	interrupt mask		= net tty bio
	panic: page fault

The system is an AMD DX2/80, 16MB, VLB/ISA
		Adaptec 1542B, 1GB SCSI-2 (DEC), Archive Python Tape
		SMC Elite16T

This configuration worked fine under & 2.0R.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer!

- Jeff

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