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Date:      Fri, 5 Apr 2002 11:06:35 -0600
From:      "Kenan" <>
To:        "'Raul Zighelboim'" <>
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Subject:   RE: Thinkpad 600 Power Management Issues (HD turned on and off)
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Yes, this was the solution.  See my previous (below) for details.


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From: Raul Zighelboim []=20
Sent: Friday, April 05, 2002 10:54 AM
To: Kenan
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Subject: RE: Thinkpad 600 Power Management Issues (HD turned on and off)

Have you tried booting to DOS and running the PS2.EXE from IBM ?

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Sent: Friday, April 05, 2002 2:00 AM
To: 'Kevin Oberman'
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Subject: RE: Thinkpad 600 Power Management Issues (HD turned on and off)

Many thanks to Kevin, as his suggestion solved my problem.

I originally did not think it was related to the BIOS, since other
operating systems were not experiencing the same problem.  But I used
the PS2 configuration utility to change the power mode to "Custom", and
then disabled the hard drive turn-off for AC power, and the problem is
now solved.  Since I only have a CDROM drive for the 600X (no floppy),
it took quite a bit of work to get the PS2 utility loaded.  I have
included the detailed steps below in case anyone needs them.

Again, thanks Kevin.
And sorry about the "HTML crap"  :)


*Obtaining & Preparing the PS2 utility*
1.  Downloaded the executable for the configuration utility from IBM:
2.  Ran the executable from a DOS prompt on another machine that had a
floppy drive.  (The executable extracts the files to the floppy.)
3.  Burned the files from the floppy to a CDR.

*Preparing the Thinkpad Hard Drive*
1.  Reinstalled FreeBSD 4.5 Stable with the boot manager, leaving some
space on the hard drive for a DOS partition.
2.  Booted to a command prompt from a Win98SE CDROM (as I do not have a
floppy or other removable boot device)
3.  FDISKed, created a primary DOS partition, marked as active,
restarted.  (It turns out that I needed to create the DOS partition from
the Windows version of FDISK in order for the partition to be recognized
by the FORMAT command.  FreeBSD's DOS partition was not recognized.)
4.  Again, booted to command prompt from Win98SE CDROM
5.  Formatted the DOS partition as bootable (format c:/s)

*Installing and Running the PS2 utility*
1.  Copied the files from the CDR created previously to a directory on
the DOS partition.
2.  Ran the UINSTALL command from that directory to install the PS2
utility.  (This will create a directory called THINKPAD on the DOS
partition). =20
3.  Rebooted and ran the following PS2 commands:
ps2 pmode custom ac  <enter>
ps2 disk 00 ac  <enter>

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