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Date:      Tue, 29 Nov 2011 14:05:30 +1000
From:      Da Rock <>
To:        "" <>
Subject:   Twiki problems - no such file or directory
Message-ID:  <>

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I'm sorry to have to bother the list with this, but I have spent 24 hrs 
straight trying to figure out what my <insert favourite curse here> 
apache/twiki config is missing here.

I installed twiki on a test server to get a handle on how it operates, 
and it all worked fine so I installed it on the production server. The 
only difference between the 2 is that the production server uses vhosts.

When I try to run *any* of the twiki scripts (twiki/bin/view, 
twiki/bin/configure) I get "no such file or directory" in the httpd 
error logs.

I copied the twiki.conf from the test server (for ease of use - same 
config anyway. It was created from the twiki configuration helper on the 
twiki site), and tried uncommenting Includes at the bottom of the 
httpd.conf (sue me) and an include in the vhost section (not at the same 
time: to preclude any comment). Nada; just internal server error and the 
error in the log.

What could I be missing? When I installed it on the test server I had a 
directory directive in httpd.conf for twiki/ and an alias for that (I 
hadn't checked the docs at that time), and simply clicked configure on 
the index page and it all went well. I removed the directive, the alias, 
and uncommented the Includes at the bottom of the httpd.conf and I had a 
working twiki.

FWIW all vhosts are working normally, and other alias as well.

Any hints? A pointer to a url perhaps? Exhaustive google searches are 
showing up nothing relevant.


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