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Date:      Thu, 4 May 95 15:10:50 +0200
From: (Cornelius Mende)
Subject:   installation and hardware (video) problems
Message-ID:  <>

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I tried to install FreeBSD 2.0 but encountered several problems, especially the following two ones:
- how can I configure my Number Nine GXI-TC video-card (40MHz, 4096 Mo VRAM, I red several chip-labels on the card: TI 340, TMS 34020 AGBL-40, TI TLC34076-135FN, CL-GD5402-65QC-B and others but I don't know which one is the significant one for your chipset variable that has to be indicated in the device-section of the XF86Conf-file); actually my XFree86 flickers and trembles in a quite surrealistic way. For more information: I have a Dell VS17 multisync-monitor (0.26 pitch and max resol. 1280x1024) and found two corresponding monitor sections in the doc-directory (but wasn't able to test them). Could you tell me how to configure my device-, monitor- and screen-sections or where can I find corresponding databases/files like those in the /usr/X11R6/conf/doc directory, to find more info or users who encountered and maybe solved the problem?

- actually I'm booting with the default "GENERIC"-kernel, but I composed a personal one, conforming to my architecture; it was compiled without problems and boots almost completely but: just before mounting root it stops with the message: bio_imask c0004840 tty_imask c003109a net_imask c003109a (which is contiguously displayed at the end of the scrolled boot echo, then at a new line:) panic: holdrele: holdcnt: ...then it interrupts the boot-process and waits for rebooting. What does that signify? 
Here some indications about my hardware-architecture: Dell 466DX2, EISA-bus, SCSI-Adaptec 1740, //-serial card, SoundBlaster 16ASP, Maxtor 520Mo-IDE-disk (entirely MS-DOS), WD 1Go-SCSI-disk (with: 340Mo-MS-DOS and 660Mo-FreeBSD partitions), 64Mo RAM, no network but a 3COM 496V-Modem (which, by the way, I don't know how to configure within FreeBSD ...) and the above indicated video stuff.

Excuse me for this oversized message but I'm quite desperated after a couple of weeks of unsuccessful tries. By the way let me just express you my appreciations of your software and my sympathy for the spirit and philosophy that your initiative seems to reflect (especially in front of the overwhelming and in my sense quite catastrophic informational, technological and commercial overkill which is actually drowning culture in its binary multimedial floats...).

thanks a lot, yours
Cornelius Mende

As I don't have a subscription to the questions-list would you send me please a direct reply. Here is my e-mail:

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