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Date:      Fri, 21 Apr 1995 10:09:18 EST
From:      M C Wong <>
To: (
Subject:   Annex router
Message-ID:  <>

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To all Annex gurus, eventually I have got myself connected to my ISP's
Annex after a bit of struggle, right now my (well, it's stable)
box is running SLIP into the Annex with a pair of Avtek MegaPlus Fax V.34
(not V.FAST) modems (manufactured by Netcomm in Australia). On Annex
side, it is set up to be fixed speed 38.4K.

The problem I have is the carrier keeps dropping once per day, and if lucky
it will stay up to 2 days, and that's about it. My questions are :

1) Is there a way for one to determine which side is actually the culprit ?
2) Assume it's the ISP side that drops carrier, is there any setting on
   the Annex which *may* cause such interruption, is there config parameters
   on Annex that will, say, reset, intitialize the port etc etc that *may*
   affect my connection ? What commands to view/configure them (since I
   have no `hands-on' experience with an Annex) ?
3) If it's my side which drops carrier, can anyone think of a likely cause
   apart from bad line quality, unreliable modem (although this is what
   I suspect the most as I can get them swapped for `real' Netcomm!) ?
4) Also, with 2 identical brand and model of modems, I still fail to
   get them connected at 38.4K when I kermit at 38.4K on FreeBSD box. I
   rang their tech support and was told that I need to kermit at 57.6K
   to get the 2 modems connected at 38.4K!
   This kind of confuses me as I tried kermit at 38.4K with a Dynalink 14.4K
   and it connected at 38.4K straight away! So my quesitions are :
   4.1) why ?
   4.2) Is there a way one can force both modems to talk at fixed 38.4K.
   4.3) Assumes two modes connect at speed XXX, does it mean the PC is talking
        to the modem at speed XXX as well ? Also, with V.34 modem, does one
        need to enable compression to get 38.4K ?

Thanks in advance.

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