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Date:      Tue, 1 Mar 2011 16:55:23 -0800
From:      Gary Kline <>
To:        Rodrigo Gonzalez <>
Subject:   Re: mysql missing from my home-page WordPress....
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On Tue, Mar 01, 2011 at 08:35:25PM -0300, Rodrigo Gonzalez wrote:
> you just need to delete them from /usr/local/etc/php/extensions.ini
> mysql extension is loaded when you are using cli, I would check at web server 
> module.
> Create a file called info.php in your document root
> then go to http://<your ip>/info.php
> Check if there is a block called mysql
> Regards
> Rodrigo
	Thanks for your help; I am back up, installed a new WordPress,
	and re-re-reinstalled the database.  --I could ramble on for
	paragraphs, but  will spare everybody!

	I am running WP on my FreeBSD 7.3 server and want to know how I
	can upgrade from within my present version.  I'm running v 3.0.4
	from ports; the latest is 3.1.  Last time I tried upgrading from
	here as root I got power-surged off the Net.  When I got back
	and tried to pick up the thread of thoughts, WordPress couldn't
	see MYSQL.  Nutshell, is there a way that I can d/load and
	install WP on Berkeley Unix?  ---just wondering!  And how can I
	d/l "Plugins" and fonts?

	thanks again!  appreciated your insights,


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