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Date:      Tue, 16 Jun 2020 14:57:06 +0200
From:      Tomasz CEDRO <>
To:        Chris Knipe <>, "Ronald F. Guilmette" <>
Cc:        FreeBSD - <>
Subject:   Re: Mailing List Etiquette was freebsd vs. netbsd
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On Tue, Jun 16, 2020 at 1:23 PM Chris Knipe wrote:
> It just amazes me each and every time when this discussion comes up....
> You're willing to embrace change, and evolution of new technologies like
> 10G Ethernet, USB / Mass Storage, CSS, JS, Lambda's JSON, etc... Yet, you
> want to be stuck in the stone age when it comes to email.
> Do you still use 360K floppy disks as well?  CDs?
> Things change, embrace it like the rest of the world, or move on.  No one
> is unfortunately going to dictate to the entire world, what they can, and
> cannot use in terms of a MUA.  You're most certainly not going to dictate
> that to me, and you're most certainly not going to dictate to me how to (or
> not), send emails.
> If you want to be stuck in the stone age, then so be it.  Feel free to not
> read my emails if it bothers you that much.

Just my "dwanascie groszy" - yes I still do use 360K floppy, I even
work on cassette adapters with my friends so the data source is pure
analog, I love my Atari, yes we create all sorts of wild extensions to
that old nice 8-bit machines (Stereo Audio, SD card, Bluetooth,
Ethernet, WiFi, even FPGA).. I also use CD-ROM (my nickname is CeDeROM
heh) but that does not prevent me from using BD-DL 50GB disks.. also I
sometimes use MUTT shell email client so I fully understand the MUA
compliance.. it is just about respecting standards.

It is the difference between adding EXTENSIONS versus imposing

The reason I choose FreeBSD as my OS of the choice is because it
really has and keeps the Unix spirit of coherence, minimalism, and
versatility, while new features show up without putting everything
upside down all the time and it clearly shows this approach is
possible and works fine especially when it comes to long term
maintenance. This is what makes this OS and its community unique and
so much different from the others nowadays.

Sure if someone likes bleeding edge they choose Linux, if someone need
quick results Windows is out there, and for nice looking Unix there is
macOS. Apples and Oranges. All other platforms seem to be already
tainted by "change is good" and "enforcing changes" ideologies, which
_we_don't_want_here_. FreeBSD does not seem to be for everyone, but
everyone is free to try it out and make his/hers opinion about (not)
(choo/u)sing it.

If someone asks to use ASCII 80-char wide long text here then for sure
there is a rational reasoning for that, because that is the minimal
possible set necessary for communication, otherwise the message would
be ignored as unreadable, and the decision is on the sender side.

Have a good day folks, stay true to yourself, choose whatever you
like, stay free, and stop forcing anyone to do anything, imposing
ideologies here is futile, we do not care about them, there are better
places to do things like that, we have so much more interesting things
to focus/create/build :-)



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