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Date:      Thu, 4 May 1995 09:16:28 -0500 (CDT)
From:      Guy Helmer <>
To:        M C Wong <>
Subject:   Re: slip blue
Message-ID:  <>
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On Thu, 4 May 1995, M C Wong wrote:

> > This comes up *very* often and should be in the FAQ if it isn't.  
> Sure it should.

The slip-server tutorial (in the How-To section of the FreeBSD docs) 
describes the various routing situaions...

> > Do the machines in the domain know to get to your SLIP box?  Are the
> > routing tables setup to send packets to SERVER1 in order to get to your
> > machine?
> The only machine (as from the route table of SERVER1 and a couple of other
> workstations on domain1) that knows how to get to me is SERVER1 itself. But,
> there is no route entry from its slip interface to my FreeBSD interface
> present after slip is up and running, nor is there any arp entry. Also, it
> shares the same default gateway as for any other boxes on the same domain.
> I was under the impression that, when slip process is enabled on SERVER1,
> a route from SERVER1 slip interface to my FreeBSD slip will be added
> automatically (as with ifconfig etc), but surprisingly that is not the
> case. 
> > [...]
>   Yes, the reason of my original posting is that I do not have the right
> to add arp or route to SERVER1 since the slip is not for permanent use, but
> every user gets assigned 1 of 2 slip address. SERVER1 is a HP server running
> ppl and for each users, his/her assigned slip address is in ppl.user file. 
> I guess I should make the question much clearer that, is there any way of
> getting SERVER1 to route traffics into my box without having to get the
> admin people to do so ?
> > 2. [... Routing Protocol Configs ...]
>   Beat me! I guess this is exactly the problem. I was assuming routed is
> running on all boxes on that domain all the this time.

You either need to add a permanent ARP entry on the SLIP 
server system (then your SLIP client needs an IP address out of your 
Ethernet IP subnetwork number), or you need a route to your SLIP client 
broadcast somehow (be it a static route advertised by a friendly router, 
or a route advertised from your SLIP server via gated).  "routed" is a 
"dumb" routing daemon and doesn't watch for changes in interfaces (ie, 
when your SLIP server's SLIP network interface is configured and 
active).  So, even if routed is running on your systems, it probably 
won't notice when your SLIP link comes up.

> > Nate

Hope this helps.  Perhaps you could look over the SLIP server tutorial 
(available under "") and see if it sheds any 
light on the problems; even though the SLIP server doesn't appear to be 
FreeBSD, the routing issues are the same.

Guy Helmer, Dakota State University Computing Services -

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