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Date:      Tue, 29 Nov 2011 17:17:56 +1000
From:      Da Rock <>
Subject:   Re: Twiki problems - no such file or directory
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Arrrgh! Apologies again.

After some much needed rest inspiration finally struck: quadruple check 
the perl path. I had checked it, but somehow missed it- triple check it! 
Not usually something you're likely to think of (especially in long 
hours) but perl will install at /usr/local/bin/perl in a jail (another 
difference I hadn't considered), and a link needs to be made outside the 
jail to /usr/bin/perl for it to work. Didn't help an atmail cookie was 
confusing matters greatly...

Pity you can't set a ENV for this kind of thing somehow...

On 11/29/11 14:05, Da Rock wrote:
> I'm sorry to have to bother the list with this, but I have spent 24 
> hrs straight trying to figure out what my <insert favourite curse 
> here> apache/twiki config is missing here.
> I installed twiki on a test server to get a handle on how it operates, 
> and it all worked fine so I installed it on the production server. The 
> only difference between the 2 is that the production server uses vhosts.
> When I try to run *any* of the twiki scripts (twiki/bin/view, 
> twiki/bin/configure) I get "no such file or directory" in the httpd 
> error logs.
> I copied the twiki.conf from the test server (for ease of use - same 
> config anyway. It was created from the twiki configuration helper on 
> the twiki site), and tried uncommenting Includes at the bottom of the 
> httpd.conf (sue me) and an include in the vhost section (not at the 
> same time: to preclude any comment). Nada; just internal server error 
> and the error in the log.
> What could I be missing? When I installed it on the test server I had 
> a directory directive in httpd.conf for twiki/ and an alias for that 
> (I hadn't checked the docs at that time), and simply clicked configure 
> on the index page and it all went well. I removed the directive, the 
> alias, and uncommented the Includes at the bottom of the httpd.conf 
> and I had a working twiki.
> FWIW all vhosts are working normally, and other alias as well.
> Any hints? A pointer to a url perhaps? Exhaustive google searches are 
> showing up nothing relevant.
> Cheers
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