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Date:      Thu, 04 May 95 11:06:00 PDT
From:      Plyaskin Sergey <>
To:        Mike Heitmann <>
Cc:        "''" <>
Subject:   Re: elm 2.4 port
Message-ID:  <>

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>> Does someone have experience with installing elm 2.4 port on FreeBSD 2.x
>> snaps? I'm looking to install that one from ports-2.0/mail/elm.
>>  Unfortunately, I never installed ports and don't really understand how 
>> do that.  My questions are:
>> 1. How do I apply the patch? What file(s) this patch updates - where's 
>> info?
>> 2. Should I first apply the patch and then pre-configure/configure or 
>> 3. What is the general sequence of my actions when installing the port?
>> Any info/hints/pointers to the appropriate documents will be greatly
>> appreciated.  Also, maybe someone can recommend any other/better mailer
>> instead of elm (I believe, it's not too easy to install pine?). I'm 
>> FreeBSD 950412-SNAP without XFree on this machine.
>> Thanks in advance.
>>  -Serge
> Hi Serge,
> I installed elm on my system using the Makefile found in the ports
> directory.  Make will fetch the correct files from an ftp site and
> then compile elm for you.
> You need to create a ports directory (mkdir /usr/ports) and copy the
> Makefile there. then just type make.
> Mike Heitmann
> Internet:

Thanks for the hint, Mike.
I still get the error after running "make":

...blah blalh blah
cc  -o ../bin/newalias newalias.o ../lib/libutil.a
cc  -o ../bin/newmail newmail.o ../lib/libutil.a
/bin/cp printmail ../bin/printmail
/bin/chmod u+w,a+rx ../bin/printmail
cc  -o ../bin/readmsg readmsg.o ../lib/libutil.a
cc  -o ../bin/prlong prlong.o ../lib/libutil.a
cd filter; /usr/bin/make  - all
"Makefile", line 92: Need an operator
Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue
*** Error code 1


I checked the Makefile, and there's nothing suspicious there around that 
line. Any ideas? Thanks.


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