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Date:      Tue, 15 Dec 2015 20:46:01 +0100
From:      Polytropon <>
To:        Bertram Scharpf <>
Subject:   Re: freebsd-update editor choice
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On Tue, 15 Dec 2015 13:46:01 +0100, Bertram Scharpf wrote:
> Hi,
> On Sunday, 13. Dec 2015, 12:31:22 -0600, Gene wrote:
> > I'm using freebsd-update to update my 10.1 system to 10.2. When merging files,
> > it insists on using the 'vi' editor. I really, really, REALLY, despise vi. Is
> > there a way to get it to use another editor?
> The problem I fussed about many times and long times without
> any understanding up to this day is not how but _where_ to
> set the EDITOR environment variable. There is
>   - /etc/login.conf

This will set environment variables globally for all users
who login, not depending on the shell. There is also a user-level
file ~/.login_conf which overrides settings made in the global
file for a specific user upon login.

>   - /etc/rc

Don't touch this file! :-)

>   - /etc/profile (and /etc/zprofile)

This applies for sh and zsh globally.

>   - /etc/csh.cshrc (or /etc/zshrc)

This is for the C shell.

>   - ~/.profile (and ~/.zprofile)

This is the user-specific file for sh and zsh. It will override
any settings made in the global files. It will be read if the
shell is a login shell.

>   - ~/.shrc, ~/.cshrc, (or ~/.zshrc)

Similar for sh, csh and zsh, except .shrc and .zshrc will be
applied to interactive shells (which aren't neccessarily login

>   - probably some more I forgot here

For bash: .bash_profile, -bash_login, and .bashrc.

> Some programs change their behaviour in dependence of the
> EDITOR variable. For example if you log into a host with the
> command
>   $ ssh otherhost -t tmux
> most of the above files are left unregarded and the TMux
> option 'status-keys' may be set to an undesired value.

This depends on how login shells and interactive shells are
being configured and how they inherit environmental variables.

> Is there any documentation in which order and under which
> circumstances the above files are executed or come into
> respect?

Yes. Those informations can be found in the manual pages
of the respective shells ("man sh", "man csh", "man zsh",
and "man bash").

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