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Date:      Sat, 21 May 2005 03:11:31 +0100
From:      ".VWV." <>
To:        <>
Subject:   radeon
Message-ID:  <000001c55daa$6d1fef00$98edfea9@workstation>

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Once again, I have problems in order to use any kind of graphical
environment on FreeBSD, therefore I write from Wingsdowz.

I was trying to move to RADEON-based cards, but I have no idea how to
make them work with X servers. I have a mixed-up 4.7 and 4.11 system,
with the kernel of the new one, and the X server of the old one. I have
both the collection of ports available.
I'm testing the Radeon chipsets from 9250 to 9800, even if the firts
experiences are crappy also on Wingsdowz, as for the desktop stuff. If I
could find a couple of ABIT FX5800 OTES, I'll trash the ABIT RADEONS.

On FreeBSD I only run Windowmaker, GNUstep, GTK1 at the moment; the
system also runs emulators like Wine and Xmame: it is extremely fast. On
Wingsdowz I have two customized graphical engines for the desktop. Both
the systems look exactly like a NeXT.

I would like to receive some suggestions. Please, CC me. Thanks in


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