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Date:      Thu, 4 May 1995 10:46:12 -0500
From:      Mark Tinguely <>
Subject:   bug in SNMP on
Message-ID:  <>

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this question was asked on the newsgroup comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.misc and I have
been meaning to warn people here before it was asked.

In article <> jun@fox.fax.iwa.fujix
>The subject says it all....
>950210 lets cmu-snmpv1 compile and run but later snaps won't, someone
>commented here recently (?)

I was told on Monday afternoon that the CMU SNMP V1 and V2.1 that I have on does not compile for -current
because the entries inp_next and inp_prev have been removed from the inpcb
structure in /sys/netinet/in_pcb.h.

In fixing this problem, I realized that when I ported V1 for
FreeBSD 2.0-Release, I broke the ARP code for both V1, V2.1. Fixing
that and testing some more, I found an error in the networking 4.3
compatibility structure "ortenty", namely the kernel variable _rthashsize is
not being set.  So I HACKED that be to of size 1.

I have not put the changes out on the ftp site yet because, I am waiting for
conformation that my changes work for FreeBSD-current. I expect this to happen
in a couple days.

In the future, the whole CMU SNMP should be re-worked to use 4.4 networking
code (instead of 4.3 compatibility code) and needs to include more of the
sysctl() routines instead of calls to kmem.


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