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Date:      Mon, 8 Apr 2002 08:35:22 +0200 (MEST)
From:      Lutz Kittler <>
To:        "J. Seth Henry" <>
Subject:   FBSD4.5 & Xfree86 4.1
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J. Seth Henry writes:
 > Hello all,
 > I recently installed FreeBSD 4.5-REL on a Compaq IA-1 internet appliance
 > with Xfree86 4.1 from the ports list. I went this route because I had a
 > ready XF86Config file for Xfree86 4.x, and the LCD was having issues
 > during configuration.
 > Graphically, X 4.x works great. Unfortunately, the mouse doesn't seem to
 > work right. It is a PS/2 mouse, and it works fine in gpm mode, but the
 > mouse buttons don't register quite often in X. For example, it might
 > take several clicks before the WM does anything. I have verified that
 > this is specific to FreeBSD and Xfree86 4.x (the mouse worked properly
 > under Xfree86 3.x - but the display didn't). I checked to make sure it
 > wasn't a WM problem (by loading a program directly through xinit)  I've
 > also verified that the mouse clicks actually don't register - I have
 > waited up to 10 minutes with no response.
 > Does anyone know what might be causing this, and how to fix it?

Hi ,

I had the same problems. I disabled the mouse daemon and
configured mouse directly in XF86Config ( not as sysmouse ,
but as /dev/psm0 - see faq example 11-4 ). Now mouse works okay.


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