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Date:      Wed, 27 May 2015 18:05:35 -0400
From:      Ricky G <>
To:        Baho Utot <>
Cc:        "" <>
Subject:   RE: FreeBSD 10.1 + ZFS
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> I do understand how ZFS works I am using it (ZFS RAID-Z1) on three boxen=
> but not as the root file system.
> I did do the research.... if you RTFH you would see that the installer=20
> uses the auto option for ZFS which wipes out and uses the entire drive.

Apologies if it seemed like I was offending you=2C it was not my intent.
> You cannot do RAID-Z2 with three drives only as RAID-Z2 has two parity=20
> drives

This is incorrect however. I didn't say it would be ideal but it is possibl=
e to do a raidz2 with 3 drives. Just to verify myself I pulled out a handy =
usb stick to test.
> The links supplied (two)
> 1. was a link to the handbook using auto partitioning=2C doesn't=20
> answer the question in any way
> 2. a hack not using the installer=2C doesn't answer the question=20
> in any way
bsdinstall is a really well done piece of work for something that was alrea=
dy made to be simple. The guide that was posted may not be to your exact ne=
ed=2C but It is faily close and quite current. Its not a hacky way of insta=
lling FreeBSD=2C It is how you do it manually to fit ones needs like you ha=
ve now. 		 	   		  =

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