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Date:      Mon, 7 Sep 1998 10:49:54 -0700
From:      "Robert Wright" <>
To:        <freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   Question on boot.flp and fixit.flp and included devices
Message-ID:  <000101bdda87$ebd6b980$026410ac@marvin>

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I have a Colorado tape drive that I want to be able to use in conjunction with
these disks.

If I mount the fixit floppy (mount /dev/fd0 /mnt) and check the /mnt/dev/
directory I see /dev/ft0 (the tape device). However when I boot the boot floppy
and then insert the fixit floppy ft0 doesn't appear in /dev/ any more. I assume
this is because the kernel on boot.flp doesn't have the info for ft0 included. A
boot -cv on the boot floppy doesn't show it in the kernel config. Am I correct?

One other related question; when I switch between boot.flp and fixit.flp am I
supposed to unmount and remount the floppies? Doesn't seem possible but I
thought I'd check.


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