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Date:      Wed, 15 Oct 2014 12:45:08 -0400
From:      William Bulley <>
To:        Warren Block <>
Subject:   Re: exiting Xorg locks up 9.2-STABLE system
Message-ID:  <>

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According to Warren Block <> on Wed, 10/15/14 at 11:08:
> If you are using a custom kernel, yes.  GENERIC now contains both sc and vt,
> so vt must be selected by adding kern.vty=vt to /boot/loader.conf.

Steps necessary to cleanly build my custom kernel:

  add "device vt"
  comment out "options" for vt(4) found in the man page
  comment out "device sc" gave errors during "make depend"
  comment out "option VESA" (associated with "device vga"?) gave compile error

New kernel was installed.  System was rebooted.  Hung at:

   Booting system...

The "spinner" did not spin!   :-(

I was forced to power cycle and boot with option "2":

   boot kernel.old

Yes, I have these lines in my /boot/loader.conf file:


Back to square one?  What do I need to do to use vt(4) so that
I can cleanly exit from my daily Xorg sessions?  Thanks again.




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