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Date:      Thu, 04 May 95 11:58:00 PDT
From:      Plyaskin Sergey <>
To:        "''" <>
Cc:        questions <>
Subject:   RE: installation and hardware (video) problems
Message-ID:  <>

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I tried to install FreeBSD 2.0 but encountered several problems, especially
the following two ones:
 - how can I configure my Number Nine GXI-TC video-card (40MHz, 4096 Mo VRAM,
I red several chip-labels on the card: TI 340, TMS 34020 AGBL-40, TI
TLC34076-135FN, CL-GD5402-65QC-B and others but I don't know which one is 
significant one for your chipset variable that has to be indicated in the
device-section of the XF86Conf-file);

   Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that CL-GD5402-65QC-B means
   Cirrus Logic GD5402- compatible card. Try to configure your card as
   Cirrus and also read Cirrus-specific README file.

   -Serge  <>

actually my XFree86 flickers and
trembles in a quite surrealistic way. For more information: I have a Dell
VS17 multisync-monitor (0.26 pitch and max resol. 1280x1024) and foun
d two corresponding monitor sections in the doc-directory (but wasn't able 
test them). Could you tell me how to configure my device-, monitor- and
screen-sections or where can I find corresponding databases/files like those
in the /usr/X11R6/conf/doc directory, to find more info or users who
encountered and maybe solved the problem?

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