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Date:      Thu, 13 Dec 2001 14:24:39 +0100
From:      "Anthony Atkielski" <>
To:        "Terry Lambert" <>
Cc:        "Mike Meyer" <>, "Technical Information" <>, "FreeBSD Chat" <chat@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   Re: EzBSD aint for me! Was: A breath of fresh air..
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Terry writes:

> You obviously don't read email headers.

Neither do people making acquisition decisions for new software.

> This is not hyperbole; I could reflect your
> entire "counterargument" back to you based on
> your statements about UNIX.

No need.  Everything I've said is already archived online.

> This is not true.

It is completely true.  There is nothing unique about Windows, except that
it is currently the market leader on the desktop.

> Please back up these claims.

No need.  We are all familiar with UNIX here, and its security flaws have
already been examined and explained in exhaustive detail by persons more
expert than myself.

> Blantant inability to run the most popular viruses?

The most popular viruses will always be the viruses that attack the most
popular software.  Therefore, if UNIX were the leader on the desktop, the
most popular viruses would be UNIX viruses.

> In truth, hetrogeneous environments offer the
> most saftey, where there is no single dominant
> system, and therefore no single dominant weakness
> available to exploit.

I agree.  Unfortunately, such environments are often costly in other ways
that may outweigh the de facto greater security.

> So it is the very "success" of a single platform
> which endangers us all.

Not those of us who do not run that platform.

> It was very tempting, a few months back, to
> write code that would use one of the known
> IIS exploits to install FreeBSD, Apache,
> Front Page Extensions, and ASP services (under
> Linux emulation) on any IIS server which had
> not been patched ...

Really?  Tempting to whom?

I've never felt any temptation to vandalize computer systems or commit other

> As obviously inmical as such an idea is, I'm
> sure that the vast majority of sites so cracked
> would get their first clue that an attack had
> taken place when they realized they didn't have to
> reboot their web server that week.

And the cracker might get his first clue of what hard time in a federal
prison is like, too.

> It would have been an amusing demo at "DefCon"...

I suspect that people at DefCon are easily amused, particularly by things
that bring suffering to others.

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