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Date:      Tue, 15 Nov 2016 09:35:12 -0500
From:      Allen <>
Subject:   Re: Hello - i5 processors and,Nvidia GPUs
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> > PS > May I make a suggestion? why does not the FreeBSD project sell
> > computers that are fully compatible with FreeBSD. The proceeds
> > would go straight to the project to fund + r&d. Just an idea. I
> > would certainly buy a computer from you guys. The confusion
> > surrounding compatibilities etc is mind boggling. It does not have
> > to be this way. It could be so much simpler, I think. Well, i am
> > not an expert so maybe I am talking nonsense.  

I just wanted to pop in here real quick and add something to that:

iX Systems. They're the main company that I know of that actually sells
machines with BSD on them.

Just check out the iX Systems page, and look through the products they
offer. I don't work for them and so I feel no shame in giving them a
Thumbs up and a free Plug on my end, and I've seen their work before,
and I respect them.

I go to the FreeBSD Mall when I'm ordering stuff I want for BSD related
things, and also, if you're a fan of Slackware Linux, they are also
the "back end" of that as well.

I first learned about this years ago when I had a particularly large
order from both The FreeBSD Mall, and the Slackware Store, and though
I had already suspected they were very close, being that FreeBSD CD
and or DVD sets look almost exactly like Slackware ones do (I've been
buying from this company for a long time, and you tend to notice
things like this) and seeing the Slackware CD set I bought looking a
lot like the FreeBSD CD Sets I'd bought, was only a small part of it,
but one day, the large order I'm talking about, I'd paid extra to get
my things overnighted to me so I could get my stuff quicker, and the
next day, I had a very large box on my Porch, and inside were BOTH my
FreeBSD Mall Purchases, and my Slackware Store Purchases, all in the
same box, and with all of the things I ordered.

Oh, by the way; I also use that site to order my copies of BSD
Magazine, which I love dearly, and Mouse Pads, Shirts, Boxers,
basically everything. I also got my Copy of Marshal Kirk McKusick's
DVD as well, which I HIGHLY Recommend to ANYONE with even the
slightest interest in the History of BSD and Unix in general, and I
Love watching it. It's entertaining how he goes about it, and very
well done. It's basically a recorded speach he did at a BSD Con, and I
highly recommend it.

If you can't find it, just look for his Web Site, as I know he sells
them from his site now. So you shouldn't have any problems finding it.

I actually received a phone call the last time I ordered some things
from the FreeBSD Mall, because they had run out of one of the things I
ordered, and not only did they call to apologize for running out, but
they asked me what I wanted to make things right.

To say that I was amazed doesn't even come close; Most online
Companies wouldn't have even bothered to try, and when I told the girl
that called me that she could just put whatever she wanted in there, I
didn't expect the amount of stuff I got; I'm not even sure what it was
now that they had run out of, but in place of that item, she sent me a
bunch of things to make up for it.

I felt bad for getting so much stuff over that because I'm pretty sure
it was simply an issue of BSD Magazine that they had sold out of, and
BSD Magazine normally costs more than 10 dollars per issue, and they
had a bunch of them on sale, which, I think they may still be on sale,
for VERY cheap, and, to make up for one issue, I got a bunch of
FreeBSD and PC-BSD Stickers, which I love, and then, I got some
FreeBSD Bumper Stickers as well, and then, I got some Case Stickers
(The ones that are the size of the Intel Inside, or "Made for Windows
whatever" and so on) and so I ended up getting LOTS of Stickers, which
is great, and then, I got the Bumper Stickers, and then, I got a new
Bracelet that says FreeBSD, and a few other things.

But the point is, they went above and beyond anything I thought
necessary, and they apologized, and all around, this was one of the
first times I've ever had to choose something else because they had run
out of stock, and I spend a decent amount of Money on both stores, so
I've got plenty of experience with them, and I've always had a great
experience and been treated very well.

In short; Check out iX Systems, and you'll see they have a decent
amount of Hardware.

I do not know for certain if they are still selling Workstations, but
the Servers they sell, are VERY reasonably priced machines, and I
personally have been trying to get one myself.

There's very good Ads in BSD Magazine for their Company, and the only
reason I'm not sure about Workstations, is that the last time I looked,
I couldn't find any Workstations for sale, but was told they did still
have some for sale, so if you're serious about this, check them out,
and see what they have, and even if you end up buying a low end Server,
it will not only serve you well, but you can rest assured that EVERY
piece of Hardware in that machine, will be built with BSD in mind.

Also; Don't forget that they are the company that backs up PC-BSD,
which is FreeBSD with a nice pain job, some nice GUI easy to use tools,
and a PBI System that even Microsoft could learn a few things from.

Sorry for the length of the post but it's mighty hard to run out of
good things to say about iX Systems.

> Ah, FreeBSD is essentially a server. It works nicely as a desktop,
> but this needs some time and user skills. For making available a new
> and retailed computer that works out-of-the-box, I have set up a
> website last month. You can have a look at my website. If you like my
> website, I shall be delighted to honour you as my first customer. I
> offer free 24x7 support.

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