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Date:      Mon, 4 Nov 2013 10:24:58 -0800
From:      Drew Tomlinson <>
Subject:   ERROR - Cannot get GEOM tree
Message-ID:  <BLU0-SMTP35174D50516A4FE5954B23AB3F60@phx.gbl>

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I've been happily running FBSD on a HP e60 Netserver for the past 13 
years.  It's been so reliable, I've tended to just forget about it. 
However after a power outage, it will no longer boot.

I've done some testing and got it booted with a 9.2 LiveCD.  I think the 
version of FBSD on this box is 6.4.  It has two 9 GB SCSI drives that I 
had striped using gstripe.  I think one of those drives has died but 
would like to confirm before giving up.

I've tried rewriting the MBR to both disks using "fdisk -B -b 
/boot/boot0 daX" but get this error:

Cannot get GEOM tree: Illegal byte sequence

I've also tried "gstripe list" but get the same error.

My stripe is "/dev/stripe/data" so I tried mounting it with "mount 
/dev/stripe/data /mnt/data".  I get this error:

mount: /dev/stripe/data: R/W mount of /usr denied. Filesystem is not 
clean - run fsck.: Operation not permitted

So I tried to run "fsck /dev/stripe/data".  Another error:

fsck: Could not determine filesystem type

I suspect one or both members of my stripe are dead.  Can anyone 
confirm?  Is there anything else I can check before giving up?



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