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Date:      Thu, 9 Mar 2017 14:03:18 +0100
From:      Jan Stary <>
Subject:   Re: Cannot find Windows drive
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On Mar 09 03:52:49, wrote:
> A lightning-related surge zapped the motherboard of my old SYX, but my whole
> life was in its hard drives (which were mirrors of each other except for
> fstab, so that either could be booted). So, I got something called an HP
> 8000 dual core tower refurbished by Joy Systems. It was supposed to come
> with Windows 7 biz on a 1 Tb drive -- and the drive is in there. So I
> installed my 2 1-Tb drives in its internal stack, having plenty of power and
> SATA plugs. I left the supposed Windows drive alone.
> I was concerned about how I would get to the FreeBSD drives if it booted in
> Windows, which is what I expected. But low and behold, it booted into
> FreeBSD. The old drives had 10.x AMD kernels and worlds, and they took off.
> I could boot to one or the other.

Good, so you have your data back.
Make an external backup, now.

> But I cannot find the Windows drive. It
> does not seem to show up in /dev. And when I go to the BIOS set up, the BIOS
> does not seem to know of the existence of the Windows drives either. I
> checked that all of the SATAs are not hidden.
> bsdinstall only gives me a choice of the two known BSD drives -- I thought I
> could adjust the MBR to include Windows, but bsdinstall denies all knowledge
> of the third (original to the machine) drive. I tried to get into the Intel
> BIOS Management, but it wants a password -- I have no idea what. I suppose I
> should be happy to have my data back. But the missing drive is preying on my
> mind.

After you make a safe external backup of your BSD drive(s),
disconnect them and boot into the FreeBSD installer (say, off a CD).
Does it see the 1TB drive.


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